Welcome to Green Matters!

A new shop in the De Clercqstraat 123 in Amsterdam, the same location where Edelwijs used to be.

At the moment this site and the shop are under construction.

Soon we will offer all kinds of high quality extracts from medicinal herbs gathered worldwide. Our goal is to make the power of nature available to all who may be concerned. We don’t see borders and we are interested in anything offered by nature in any form. From spagyric tinctures to highly purified alkaloid profiles. Our planet has a solution for everything, and we are here to offer these solutions in useable form for modern day people. Whether in a cream, tea, syrup, tincture, soda drink, extract, vape... anything can become extra functional with our products!

We have a high-tech laboratory at our disposal, with a great team of phytotherapists, chemists, biologists, ethnobotanists, alchemists, mycologists and engineers always looking for the bridge between traditional herbal knowledge and modern day science to acquire the best of both worlds.

Hope to cu soon!